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  • I'd like to increase the size of my potential customer base; what can Koi Advertising do for me? +

    Koi will create bespoke online campaigns to find and gather the data you need for consumers that may be interested in your products. This is a process known as online 'Lead Generation'. You can choose from a number of different demographics and metrics, allowing you to make contact with exactly the type of person that you want to make contact with.

    Contact us and ask for our Lead Generation division.
  • In which countries am I able to advertise in through Koi Advertising? +

    Koi works in more than 40 countries worldwide, with separate divisions dedicated to The United Kingdom, Australia, India and Indonesia, plus further divisions scheduled to be created over the coming months. In addition to this our superb network of clients, affiliates, publishers and partners across the globe allows us to offer services throughout Europe, Asia, The United States and more.If you are trying to make inroads in a particular market, why not Contact us and find out how we could help?
  • My social media visibility or strategy is in need of improvement; how can Koi Advertising help me? +

    Koi has been at the forefront of Facebook advertising since the creation of the website a decade ago, and we also maintain strong partnerships with the other main social networks, such as Twitter and Linkedin. We are experts in increasing organically the number of fans, friends or followers your business has, and can tailor your campaign to suit your needs.

    We guarantee that we will never pay for followers, encourage incentivised interaction or indulge in any of the other dark arts that unfortunately lend the social media industry a sometimes unfavourable reputation. It needn't be this way: our many years of experience and success mean that we know how to get the most out of these mediums. Proper social network growth is not a quick fix, but what we can offer is proper engagement from consumers that are actually interested, and real tangible growth for your business.
  • How much do I need to invest for Koi to be able to help me? +

    Of course, how much you spend all depends on what your goals are. However, we know that once you've tried our services you will want to stay with us. Why not set a small test budget, of anywhere from £1,000 upwards, and judge whether you'd like to go further purely on the strength of our results?
  • What does Performance Model mean? +

    A Performance Model essentially means that when a client hires us they will pay us according to the results of our campaign. One example of this would be if you asked us to help drive more users to register on your website. We would be responsible for getting those users to your website, and you would pay us a flat rate CPL (cost per lead) for every registration
  • Can Koi also help me with the design and promotional material for my campaign? +

    Koi Advertising does not design any promotional materials in-house; we are the people that make sure your product gets seen. However, thanks to our fantastic network of trusted partners across the industry we would be more than happy to assist in the design as well as the execution of your advertising campaign.
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