The 5 major KPIs in Lead Generation

lead generation kpi

More and more companies have integrated lead generation into their marketing strategy, as it often guarantees a high ROI against a low investment. In Lead Generation, it is crucial to trace all the actions that are being made to understand whether the strategy is working and to improve it day by day, through specific optimization-focused testing.

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Top mobile marketing trends to watch in 2018

mobile marketing

Interest in mobile apps (except for messaging apps) seems likely to taper off. Position-based marketing can help retailers and other brands bring customers. And the speed with which your mobile website is loaded will become more and more important. Mobile will be at the centre of technological change in 2018, just as it has been for some years now. Here, we take a look at some trends that we believe will be significant in 2018.

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3 simple ways for digital publishers to monetize your website

Monetize Your Website New Edge Design

Producing content and maintaining a blog or website is not easy: to be successful, a level of quality control, and therefore cost, is required during content creation. Today we’ll look at 3 monetization strategies that go beyond the usual sales of promotional banners and post promotions.

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